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LoRa World Record: 71,572km to Space and Back

What you see below is a an honest-to-goodness LoRa carrier that is being received at 11.9024 GHz from SES-2. The total round trip distance from the uplink facility to our 2-cm antenna in Chicago is about 71,572km.  Of course, it's not fair to compare our accomplishments with the exceptional work of Andreas Spiess or the Koppelting project, which both used unmodified LoRa radios for transmitting incredibly long terrestrial distances. Our link budget had a solid bit of help from a 5-meter uplink antenna and 90W amplifier on the satellite. Unlike normal Ku-band satellite terminals, we were using antennas less than a few centimeters across (a cheap, standard LNB with no dish, as well as a custom-made patch antenna/LNB combo; pictures below).  The reason for using a LoRa chip as part...

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