Amateur Data Radio Dreamcatcher v3.05

Amateur Data Radio Dreamcatcher v3.05

Amateur Data Radio Dreamcatcher v3.05

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This product includes a single Dreamcatcher v3.05. An LNB is not included. 

The Dreamcatcher can transmit and receive from 85 MHz to 6000 MHz. Only licensed amateur radio operator should transmit with a Dreamcatcher. 

This device runs mainline Linux (Armbian) and includes an onboard LoRa transceiver. An integrated mixer and synthesizer allow LoRa modulation across a very wide frequency range. 

The Dreamcatcher chat application requires two Dreamcatchers. The chat application is fully open source and can be found below.

Instructions for installing the chat application are located in the ReadMe of the repo. This chat application is still a work in progress, but does mostly work. The one known bug, which terminates the application, is reception of garbled text (non-UTF-8) by a receiver. Sometimes the received packet is not what was originally transmitted. 

  • 1 GHz ARM processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Semtech SX1281 LoRa transceiver
  • WiFi USB dongle, capable of access point and client-modes
  • 13V/18V bias tee to power external amplifiers
  • Two microSD slots
  • Dedicated LEDs for packet reception, heartbeat, and power
  • 2.5 PPM high precision TCXO
  • Requires 5v/2A via microUSB power source (not included)
  • Dimensions 12 x 11.7 cm (4.7 x 4.6 in)

Kit Includes:

  • One Dreamcatcher v3.05 board 
  • EDUP USB WiFi dongle (Link)
  • 6-inch F-type-to-micro RF coaxial (u.fl/IPEX)
  • F-to-SMA adapter

    Operating System Links (microSD card *not* included in kit):

    Armbian (based on Debian)

    A helpful community of people: