Dreamcatcher 2206 - repaired unit!

Dreamcatcher 2206 - repaired unit!

Dreamcatcher 2206 - repaired unit!

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You really don't want to buy this; buyer beware!

Purchase of the Dreamcatcher 2206 does NOT include an LNB. 

This was was supposed to be a pre-production version of the new Dreamcatcher. We found an error in the schematic, which prevented the PSRAM of the ESP32-S3 from being accessed. The schematic for Dreamcatcher 2206 can be found in the hardware folder of the Github repository. The source code for the firmware is also located there. 


The Dreamcatcher 2206 is substantially discounted due to the rework that has been done on the board. You can see the wire connecting one of the pins on the microSD card to the IO10 of the ESP32-S3. In order to prevent disconnection of the wire, hot glue will be be used to cover the wire. 

This PCBA and firmware are 80% production-ready. The firmware does allow the Dreamcatcher to receive packets and decode files. There may be a memory leak in the firmware which causes the wifi to freeze after 6 hours. This issue is currently being reviewed. 

This is a receive-only device. 

Please only purchase this item if you really want to tinker with it.